Problems with hedges

Check the maps below to see whether the hedges you are concerned with are on property controlled by the City Council or by Southway Housing. Click the maps to see a larger version.

How to report overgrown hedges on:

Southway Housing property - email or call 0161-448-4200

Council property - complete a form on the council website. The council only cut hedges between late summer and early spring to avoid disturbing nesting birds.

Private property - Lodge a complaint with the council. Full details about hedge height issues are available on the website. They also have a handy guide for helping you determine whether hedges are blocking too much light. When lodging a complaint about a high hedge to Manchester City Council, bear the following in mind:

  • You must make an attempt to resolve the situation amicably before lodging a complaint. If you don't, the council can reject the complaint. For help resolving a hedge issue see this guide.
  • You can make a complaint about hedges that are over 2m high, but not all hedges are subject to this limit.
  • There may be a non-returnable fee for lodging a complaint.