How to report flytipping

Who is responsible for clearing up flytipping depends on where it is. Check the boundary maps at the bottom of the page to see who is responsible for which area.

  • Council land - Report the flytiping to the council using their online form
  • Southway Housing land - Report the flytiping directly to Southway Housing
  • Private land - Contact the landowner

On the river and river banks

If the flytipped rubbish falls into one of the following categories contact the Environment Agency's 24 hour Incident Communication Service: 0800-80-70-60.

  • Large scale fly-tipping involving 20 tonnes of waste or more
  • Fly-tipping by organised gangs
  • Fly-tipped hazardous waste, 75 litres or more which has the potential to damage the environment

If the flytipping is on the far bank, next to Northenden Golf Club you should contact them directly.

If the flytipping is on the near bank, next to Mersey Bank Park, you should report it to the the council using their online form.

West Didsbury Estate Maps

Maps of the estate showing who has responsibility for what areas. Click the map to see a larger image.