Community Projects

Following on from the feedback received from the community survey carried out in April-May, we have decided to shelve one project, implement a few projects as they are, and ammend other projects, as indicated below. We have also had a couple of suggestions for additional projects which we will look to implement next year.

We welcome feedback on any project at any time, and are always looking for project suggestions from the community -

Currently running projects

Over 50s Coffee afternoon

The coffee afternoon runs from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in Christ Church hall on alternate Tuesdays starting from the 12th June 2018. Currently these sessions are completely free, however if the sessions are popular we may look to implement a small donation to attend each session, to help us continue to run them. We aim to provide special workshops or events every other month during the sessions. If you have a request for a session you would like us to put on, anything from crafts to yoga, let us know.

For full details of the schedule of the sessions and any special events, see the Events page

Projects we are working to implement

Edging for the young trees in Mersey Bank Park

We have a quote for the work from the park ranger of £3,741 to provide log edges and wood-chip infill for 50 trees in Mersey Bank Park. The installation of such edging will improve the health of the trees and promote their growth by providing a weed and grass-free space around the base of the trees. When grass and weeds grow right up to the trunk of a tree they compete with the trees for water and nutrients. This effect is more significant in young trees. Click here for more information on why edging for young trees is important.

Status: Trying to raise funds.

West Didsbury Estate Historical Archive

We will develop an online archive of the history of the estate. This is a long term project with no time limit. When the website has been designed and all required forms and privacy documents are in place, we will advertise for any residents who are interested to share their knowledge of the history of the estate. This could be in the form of recorded interviews, either voice, video or in writing, as well as personal photos and home movies. We would like to preserve the history of the estate so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge of how it has changed over the years.

Status: Initial planning. Website and documentation being developed.

Picnic in the Park

We will try and host a community picnic in the park during the summer of 2018. The purpose of the event is simply to get people from the estate together to share some food and each other's company. When all organisation has been completed we will be advertising the event using posters on the notice boards.

Status: Initial planning.

Update July 2018 - We are having problems in getting permission from the council to hold the picnic on the field. If this issue is not resolved in time this event may have to take place next summer.

Walking club

After reviewing the feedback from the community survey, we have decided to try and implement a walking club for everyone on the estate. Depending on the availability of committee members, this project may be implemented next year, though we will try to start it as soon as possible.

Status: Initial planning.

Update July 2018 - The person who was to be leading this project is currently unavailable, however we aim to start forming this group as soon as they are able to.

Temporarily shelved projects

West Didsbury Estate Art Competition

This idea was not unpopular, but feedback suggests that people are concerned that there will be a lack of interest. Therefore we are temporarily shelving this project.

Project Idea: An art competition for children and adults, including entries of short stories, poems, drawings/paintings and photos. There would be prizes for the winner and runner up in each category. All winning artwork will be posted on the community website.

We could also design a book containing as many pieces as possible. The physical book and ebook would be print on demand and available from, with an expected price of £5 and £1 respectively. All profits would be spent by the group on other community projects.

Costs: Approximately £200 for prizes, however we would also look for some sponsorship.